1. Overland becomes a part of your support team
  2. We can arrange all of your nationwide/worldwide transportation for business
  3. You’ll arrive on time to all of your meetings
  4. We’ll keep your staff safe

What are these four points? Reasons why you NEED to open a corporate account with Overland! 

Sure, it’s incredibly exciting to book a chauffeured transportation service for a special event such as a concert or wedding. It’s also convenient to book airport car service through a chauffeured transportation company. But nothing compares to booking corporate transportation through Overland, better yet opening a corporate account with us. Keep reading to learn more about our four reasons why you need to open a corporate account.


Overland Becomes a Part of Your Support Team

What exactly do we mean by “we become a part of your support team”? Think of Overland as an extension of your business; when you open a corporate account with us, we reflect the high standards and proper corporate image you require. We’ve been providing high caliber service since 1979 and are committed to your complete satisfaction.

We’ve established many long term relationships with corporations in the Greater Kansas City Area and have continuously evolved as the needs of our partners have grown and changed. 

Our staff can also be reached anytime via our main number- (913) 381-3504- which is also text enabled! You can send short, time sensitive messages to our reservations and dispatch team any time. You can always depend on Overland as you would your team.


We can Arrange all of Your Nationwide/Worldwide Transportation for Business

Whether you’re arranging travel plans or doing the traveling, business travel can be stressful (by the way, check out our Tips to Make Business Travel Easier). Booking hotels, airport car service and planning an itinerary can become overwhelming, especially if the travels are taking place outside of the U.S.

When you open a corporate account with Overland, we’ll do all of the arranging and managing of your ground transportation needs within the United States and in over 350 cities worldwide! If you’re traveling for business nationally or globally, we’ll have a chauffeured sedan or other luxury vehicle service waiting for you at any airport in 350 cities across the globe. Our worldwide transportation services will help you focus on what really matters during your business travels – getting work done.


You’ll Arrive on Time to all of Your Meetings

No one likes to be late to a business meeting – isn’t it just the worst feeling? Whether it be traffic, a snoozed alarm or bad weather that prevents you from arriving on time, it’s stressful and embarrassing to show up late to a meeting. Not to mention it’s unprofessional to keep clientele waiting.

All meetings are important regardless of who you’re meeting with (staff, clients, developers, etc.). By choosing Overland, you’re choosing a transportation provider that will reflect your professional image and will ensure your employees and clients arrive to each meeting in a timely manner. Time is of the essence when it comes to business meetings and we’ll ensure no one is ever late.


We’ll Keep Your Staff Safe

Safety is and always has been our top priority here at Overland. You never have to worry about the safety of your employees when booking transportation service with us. Whether you need transportation for road shows, sales meetings, golf outings, or daily shuttle service, our extensive fleet of sedans, limousines, passenger vans, executive vans, mini coaches, and limousine coaches are sure to keep your employees and clients safe and make a lasting impression.

Our chauffeurs are fully screened and subject to pre-employment as well as random drug testing, so you can relax knowing we always put safety first. With our expertly trained chauffeurs, safety and technology and fleet liability coverage, our safety practices can’t be beat. Learn more about how Overland keeps you safe.


Overland would love to become an extension of your business that you can rely on for all of your ground transportation needs! From becoming a part of your support team to keeping your employees safe, our corporate transportation service will only enhance your business.

To provide high caliber service, quick response, accuracy and attention to detail, we have developed an amazing support staff that is committed to your complete satisfaction. You will be treated with care and appreciation from everyone in reservations, dispatch, accounting, sales, and administration. Our team understands the important part we play in making sure your travel, business meetings and special events go smoothly. You will be in good hands with any of our industry professionals.

If your business needs airport car service, worldwide reservation assistance or would like to discuss opening a corporate account, send us a message or call (913) 381-3504. We would love the opportunity to discuss how we can enhance your business by providing stellar corporate transportation service!