Business trips can be exhausting; not only do you have to prep before your travel plans, travel to the airport, catch a flight and deal with delays and cancellations, but you also have to stay focused on your work the entire trip.

When you travel for business, whether it’s to meet with high-profile clientele, or if it’s to attend a roadshow or conference, there really isn’t any time for a breather, especially if your employer has jam-packed your trip.

While business travel can be hectic, it can also be wonderful and a productive time spent out of the office. At Overland Chauffeured Services, we work closely with many corporations to provide corporate transportation services and have learned a thing or two about how to make business travel more enjoyable. To alleviate your business travel stress, keep reading for tips to make worldwide business travel easier.


Stay at the Same Hotel

There are a plethora of options when it comes to places to stay during a business trip; hotels, motels, Airbnb—the list goes on. Whether you’re the one traveling for work or you’ve been tasked with coordinating travel plans for coworkers, one of the easiest ways to make worldwide business travel easier is to stay at the same hotel for each trip if possible. 

With many hotel chains that plant hotels in countries other than the U.S., there are great options when it comes to deciding which one you should book. Whether you choose Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, or Best Western, staying at the same hotel for business trips can result in reward points that add up and result in free rooms, meals, discounts, etc. Be sure to check with your preferred hotel company and asking about their corporate accounts and deals.

Not only does staying at the same hotel for frequent business trips save your company money in the long run, but it can also make business travel more comfortable. Traveling to unfamiliar places can be uncomfortable and cause stress, especially with the pressure of it being a work trip. When employees stay at the same hotel time after time they develop a familiarity with that particular hotel chain and learn what to expect each time they stay. Therefore, more comfortable employees can result in more productive employees – a win-win!

Double-check All Travel Documentation

Everyone knows that when you travel out of the country you need your passport. However, did you know that a visa is required to travel to China or that proof of vaccinations are required to travel to Russia? Wherever you’re traveling to, make sure that you are well prepared months in advance before your trip. Gather everything you need and make sure nothing expires before your trip. In the chance that your documents or vaccinations are out-of-date you’ll have time to get everything ready before you travel.

Use Local Currency

You’ll probably have access to a company credit card when you travel, or you’ll be reimbursed for money spent on your trip. However you and your company work out paying for your trip, using local currency is always a great idea. Credit cards can charge fees when used abroad which can add up overtime, especially for a week-long business trip. To avoid fees, use local currency or a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Sight-see When Possible

Harvard Business Review reported that employees who travel for business have symptoms of anxiety and get no physical activity during work trips. We all know that being active leads to an overall healthier lifestyle, but when you’re traveling for work and have meetings after meetings to attend, it can be difficult to fit in exercise. The next time you travel for work, even if you can only fit in an hour in between meetings, make sure you sight-see when you can. Getting out and experiencing new scenery and a new culture all while getting some exercise will help you feel better overall.


We hope you will find our tips to make worldwide business travel easier helpful! By following the tips above, your next business trip should be a lot smoother and more enjoyable. 

If your company needs corporate transportation services such as airport car service or global transportation service for business travel, please contact Overland Chauffeured Services. Whether you’re traveling for business nationally or globally, we’ll have a chauffeured sedan or other luxury vehicle service waiting for you at any airport in 350 cities across the globe. 

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