Kansas Citians are raised Royal and proud of it. If you were born and raised in the City of Fountains then you understand that being a Royals fan is in our blood and something we’re passionate about.

If you are a true Royals fan or just love baseball, then you must be excited for what’s to come in a matter of days: the Royals’ home opener on April 2!

There’s truly nothing like attending a home game at Kauffman Stadium! The smell of ballpark dogs sizzling on the grills, the rush you get from seeing our Royals take the field, the chance to catch a fly ball – the list goes on.

Aside from the ambiance of attending a game, what can make Royals games even more exciting? Booking chauffeured transportation through Overland! If you’ve never booked chauffeured transportation to a game then you’re missing out. Whether you’re attending a game with family, friends or a team outing, chauffeured transportation to the games is the cherry on top to a perfect day at the ballpark.

But what about being chauffeured to the games makes them even better? Keep reading to learn why you should book chauffeured transportation to Royals games!


You’ll Arrive On Time Every Time

Have you ever arrived late to a game? It’s one of the worst feelings! Not only do you tend to miss something major, but it’s a bummer when you miss the first pitch or first home run. When you book chauffeured transportation through Overland, you’ll arrive on time every time to every game. We provide prompt service, therefore you will never miss a second of the game, our guarantee. Whether you’d like to be at the stadium an hour before the game or just a few minutes before it starts, we’ll get you there in a timely fashion. We’ll also drop you off right in front of the stadium so you can avoid having to navigate your way through the parking lot, thus saving you even more time

You’ll Never Have to Deal with Traffic


Game day at Kaffman is a madhouse! Traffic is backed up for what feels like hours on game day. Rather than waiting in endless lines of traffic, book chauffeured transportation through Overland! Our special event transportation service will have you riding comfortably and safely to the game without having to deal with traffic. Our chauffeurs are remarkably skilled when it comes to dealing with heavy traffic, something we pride ourselves on. You and your cheer squad can relax in your limo coach or Sprinter Limousine focusing on what really matters on game day: revving up to cheer on our Royals! 


You’ll Keep Cool

Springtime is just around the corner and while the weather isn’t hot just yet, things in Kansas City heat up fast. Our weather is unpredictable here in the heartland, and summer temperatures creep up on us quickly. If you’re not in a shaded section of the stadium during the game then you’ll be stuck in the sun sweating. Getting into a steaming hot car after the game is the last thing you’ll want to do. When you book game day transportation through Overland we’ll have a nice, cool vehicle waiting for you following the game. You’ll be stepping into a vehicle with the air conditioning on full blast so you don’t have to wait for it to cool down – something you can’t expect if you drive yourself. We’ll even park right in front of the stadium so you don’t have to take a bunch of steps in the hot sun to reach your vehicle.


All of Your Crew Rides Together

Coordinating your entire crew to meet up at Kauffman Stadium at a certain time on game day is difficult enough, but factor in Kauffman’s parking lot confusion and all of the game day traffic and your group is destined to not meet up as scheduled. With chauffeured transportation through Overland we have a large and diverse fleet of vehicles like vans, coaches and sprinters that can accommodate your group size big or small. After all, half of the fun of attending a home game is that your entire crew rides together to the stadium – Overland will ensure this happens.


Are you convinced that you need to book chauffeured transportation to Royals games? With all of the reasons above, it’s easy to see why you need to book game day transportation through Overland. 

Booking chauffeured transportation through Overland rather than a rideshare is a decision that’s easy to make. Not only will we never charge surge pricing, something that rideshares often do for special events like Royals games, but our safety practices and price per person rates simply can’t be beat.

To book your ride to any and all future Royals games, request a quote online or call (913) 381-3504. We can’t wait to hear The K chanting “Let’s Go Royals!” for the first home opener next month and the rest of the season!