Do you have a larger group and want to ride together to see a sports event or concert?  Traveling to a corporate retreat, family reunion or church champ?  How about a cross-state or cross-country road trip adventure?  Look no future than booking a charter bus rental in a luxury motorcoach!

Whether your group experience keeps you local, traveling a few hours away or doing a multi-day tour, motorcoach service can be the way to go.  Here are the top reasons you should consider renting a bus charter for your next event or tour.

We Drive You

No one in your group has to be the designated driver.  You don’t have to worry about traffic, navigation, parking or fatigue.  Your professional driver will be the captain for your journey so you and your guests can enjoy the travel experience and camaraderie together.

See The Countryside

Relaxing in your comfortable reclining seat, you can see miles and miles of cityscapes, small towns, farmlands, scenic hillsides and many other glories of the country.  The panoramic views in a luxury motor coach are incredible! This is one of the best parts of a charter bus rental.

Enjoy The Camaradarie

Your fellow travelers may be friends, family, co-workers, teammates or part of a tour group.  Traveling together in a group environment gives you time to socialize, relax, get better acquainted or get revved up for the great times you are about to enjoy. There are so many fun places to travel these days.  Have you been to Branson, Missouri lately?  There is more to do than ever before.

Relax, Do Your Own Thing

Watch a movie, read a book, catch up on email, text your significant other.  Put your headphones on and catch a little shut eye.  Today’s luxury motor coaches provide stylish, comfortable recliner seats with footrests.  Most have charging ports and WiFi available.  A restroom is on board for your convenience.

Save Money

There is not a more economical way to travel than by motor coach.  A charter bus rental will save your tour group a lot of money.  Each passenger’s share of the charter bus rental will be less than almost any other form of travel.  Certainly better than driving yourself or renting a bunch of cars and vans.

Your Private Chauffeur

Charter bus rentals provide door-to-door service.  Nothing could be more convenient, safe and comfortable than a professional motorcoach operator taking you exactly where you need to go, according to your timetable and itinerary.  All of your luggage and bags are secure in the large underbelly storage or overhead compartments.  Security and peace of mind is priceless.

Environmentally Friendly

The modern motorcoach is one of the cleanest modes of transportation in the world.  This is especially important when traveling to major attractions, national parks, large events and highly populated metropolitan areas.  One motorcoach takes at least a dozen vehicles off the road, probably many more on the average.  A charter bus rental is the most environmentally sound way to travel across city, state or country.

Safety is Key

Above all, safety is the most important aspect of motorcoach transportation.  Professional motorcoach operators are professionally trained, go through extensive screening and adhere to ongoing regulatory monitoring.  Additionally, motorcoaches are built for safe, long haul travel.  Newer motorcoaches are very high tech and built solid.  Chances of accidents on motorcoach are very slim compared to a regular automobile.  A charter bus rental is the best way to travel safe.

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Bus

Today’s modern coach bus is sleek, comfortable and stylish.  Millions of travelers young and old are getting onboard with motorcoach travel.  It’s fun, exciting and gives you so much flexibility.  When your Overland coach bus charter pulls into your venue, hotel or attraction, people will stop and stare in envy.

What Is The Next Step?

If you have a group outing locally and a need a charter bus rental, we are here to serve you.  If your charter needs involve a day trip, overnight stay, multi-day itinerary or several coaches, contact Overland Chauffeured Services to review your needs and secure the perfect vehicles.  We can even plan an entire tour for you including your hotel, meals and entertainment.  A charter bus rental in a luxury motorcoach is the way to go!  Contact Us Today!