If you’ve never had a luxury transportation service drop you off and/or pick you up to and from the airport then you’re missing out! Not only does having a driver get you to the airport in a timely manner, but the right vehicle for airport transportation offers ample luggage space. It’s also a wonderful feeling having a driver greet you after a long day of travel to drive you to your final destination – it really makes a trip one to remember!

While there are many perks to having a chauffeured service drop you off and pick you up at the airport, there are a few things your driver will need from you to deliver exceptional service. Keep reading for three tips for chauffeured service airport drop-offs and pick ups to ensure your travel goes smoothly.


  • Know Your Confirmation Number & Flight Times
    When booking a flight in advance, most people don’t pay attention to confirmation numbers and flight times, or at the very least don’t remember them until a couple of days before their travel plans. When hiring a transportation service to drop you off and pick you up from the airport, it’s important to know your confirmation number and flight times. Knowing this information will help the transportation company keep track of your flight so they can schedule your pick up and drop-off times accordingly.

  • Be Ready Extra Early for International Flights
    International flights cause more stress on travelers than domestic flights do; you have to arrive to the airport earlier than usual, prepare for customs and adhere to a whole different set of packing dos and don’ts. If you are traveling internationally, make sure to plan your travel in advance and to be ready earlier than you would for a domestic flight. While the transportation company you hire will know your itinerary and plan accordingly, you will have to be ready for your pick up and drop-off times to ensure you don’t miss your flight and have plenty of time to go through security and customs.

  • Keep in Touch with Your Driver
    We mentioned above that the transportation company you hire will keep track of your travel information, but it’s best to keep in touch with your driver before any and all scheduled airport pick up and drop-offs. Not going to make your flight? Running behind schedule? Realize you’re going to need extra luggage space at the last minute? By informing your driver of any changes and hiccups along the way, they can make last minute arrangements and changes to ensure you still make your flight in decent time without causing you extra stress. Your driver should be your ally, making all travel plans easy for you.


By keeping the above tips in mind, you’re sure to have a smooth airport drop-off and pick up experience and an easier travel experience overall. Of course, when you book transportation through Overland, your airport drop-offs and pickups are guaranteed to be smooth, professional, safe, and reliable. How can we guarantee this?

To start, Overland has been a family owned and operated business for 40 years and has always provided management stability that we continue to build on. Our reputation is established in the Greater Kansas City Area and our service is unlike any other luxury transportation service.

Our chauffeur staff is is among the best trained and most experienced in the industry. We hold only the highest of standards for our entire staff, especially our chauffeurs who are responsible for delivering exceptional and safe transportation. For your airport pick up and drop-off, your chauffeur will be attired in a traditional black suit uniform to match the luxury of our vehicles and service we offer. They’ll help load and unload all luggage and escort you to the terminal. We also offer separate gate meets for an additional fee. You never have to worry about our chauffeurs failing to get you to the airport at the right time; through our flight tracking software, our staff will coordinate the perfect time to pick you up and drop you off at the airport and will monitor delays and cancellations.

Not only do we have the best chauffeurs in the industry, we also offer the safest and most reliable airport car service in the area. Safety is and always has been our top priority, and we take several measures to ensure that you and your guests and the general public stay safe. Click here to learn more about how Overland keeps you safe.

We offer airport car service to MCI and all private airfields around the KC Metro Area including the following:

  • Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport
  • Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe
  • New Century AirCenter in Olathe
  • Gardner Municipal Airport
  • Lawrence Municipal Airport

If you need to book airport car service for business or leisure, contact us today to get a free quote or call/text (913) 381-3504. We will provide you with exceptional service whether you’re traveling within the U.S. or internationally or are providing a pick up and drop-off service for clients or guests.