Business Travelers at AirportIt’s no secret that business travel can be both a blessing and a headache. For some, business travel is a break from the confines of the office, an opportunity to get out in the world and do the “meet and greet” with clients, vendors, or business partners. While away on business, some travelers find time to get in a round of golf or do some shopping. In these cases, the rush to the airport to catch a departing flight is a minor inconvenience, and hailing a cab in the destination city is no real nuisance. However, there are many who find business travel to be an errand without any real appeal. For them, packing, preparing, and flying to another part of the country is no great thrill. Additionally, commuting to and from the airport can be an exercise fraught with little annoyances and pressures that build over the course of the travel experience and result in genuine aggravation. So, it’s no great surprise that many business-class travelers arrive at their destination with a headache.

Yes, travel can be stressful, and the top complaints made by business travelers are generally related to the actual travel portion of the trip. Cancelled or delayed flights can cause no end of troubles for the business traveler who is attempting to get to a certain city and destination for an important meeting. Lost luggage is infuriating, especially for those who planned to change from comfy travel clothes into the proper business attire before meeting an important client or contact. Hotel issues can cause all kinds of troubles for business travelers. Anyone who has had to stay the night in a noisy motel off the highway because some full-service hotel lost their reservation will agree. Poor weather is also a bad start to a business trip, especially if it means a bumpy ride. Nobody likes to show up at a business meeting looking green and feeling sick. And, of course, getting lost in an unfamiliar city because the map and directions you printed out before you left town is difficult to decipher can cause all kinds of road-related stress.

In looking at all the general complaints that business travelers have about their experiences on the road, it’s obvious that many of the headaches are caused by travel alone. Once business travelers arrive safely, and on time, with all their luggage at the intended destination, business travel isn’t typically all that bad (unless the meeting doesn’t go as expected). So, one way to take the pressure off the business travelers in your company is to leave the driving to a professional who knows the city and the best routes to take in order to allow them to arrive at their destination on time (or with time to spare). And the best way to facilitate this is to hire a chauffeur-driven limousine to take your business travelers to the airport for departure and also meet them in their destination city to pick them up and drive them to their final destination.

In this age where many “face to face” meetings can be easily facilitated by video over the Internet, actual business travel is often reserved for important meetings. As such, businesses that wish their travelling employees to arrive relaxed and prepared to do business, should consider the value of a chauffeured limousine service to and from the airport.

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