Kansas City is home to numerous haunted houses, most notably the epic attractions in the West Bottoms. The Big Four are the Edge of Hell, The Beast, the Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe, and the Macabre Cinema. All of these repurposed commercial buildings boast phenomenal special effects and frightening surprises around every corner. They’re so masterful that the one and only Elvira gave them their due on the Travel Channel. The Mistress of the Dark listed them among the top ten scariest attractions in the nation!

Halloween is a big deal in Kansas City, and this year promises to be even more fun than usual since it falls on a Friday. The city will be alive with big parties, costume contests, and a whole host of scary-fun activities. The crowds will be massive and lively, and the parking at popular destinations will be sparse. Make the most of your Halloween festivities by booking a chauffeur-driven luxury sedan to escort you and your friends around the city. You won’t miss out on any of the fun because you’re fighting traffic and searching for parking. You’ll also be able to relax and enjoy yourself with a professional, courteous designated driver to escort your entire party everywhere you want to go.

Interested in checking out the haunted houses? A chauffeur-driven luxury sedan is the way to travel if you’re heading to the Bottoms. Parking in the West Bottoms is a challenge, and you may be forced to leave your vehicle in an unlit, unmonitored lot several blocks away. Instead, you can simply ask your chauffeur to drop you off right at the entrance to any of the haunted houses. Each of the nationally recognized attractions has its own unique features, and all are updated year-round with the latest fear-inducing special effects.

The Edge of Hell. This world-class haunted attraction has been scaring the pants off of visitors since 1975. It is one of America’s oldest commercial haunted houses, so it’s a well-established venue full of cutting edge frights. This particular haunted house is designed to play on different phobias. Afraid of snakes? Don’t miss your chance to meet Medusa, the largest reticulated python in captivity.

The Beast Haunted House. This haunted house has an unusual open floor plan. As soon as you step in the front door, you’re greeted by several acts: Headless Horsemen, The Thrillers, and of course…The Beast.

The Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe. Fans of the influential horror writer will see plenty of parallels to his books in this unique haunted house. It also features an electrifying four-story jump!

The Macabre Cinema. Modeled after a 1930’s movie theater, the Macabre Cinema is chock full of memorabilia from old horror movie sets. Don’t mistake it for less of a thrill, though—patrons can choose to be attached to a four-story “bat pole” and given a scream-worthy tour of every screen.

Our chauffeur-driven luxury sedans comfortably seat 2-3 people. If you’re visiting these great haunted houses with friends and family, book one of our new 2500 Series Extended Mercedes Limo Sprinter vehicles, which accommodate 10-12 passengers. We have a host of options no matter what your budget or size group, from 2 to 30 or more.  Enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!

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