You need reliable and efficient transportation when you’re traveling for business or organizing any type of large event. Sure, you can find shuttles and taxis or try your luck with public transportation, but none of these options takes care of all the transportation needs you’ll encounter during the course of your trip. Think about it—if you and your guests are coming in from out of town, you’ll need rides to and from the airport. Once you’ve settled in at the hotel, you need to go to various events around the city: meals, meetings, and other time sensitive engagements. That’s so much stress on top of the event itself—so why worry how you’ll get from one place to another?

One-car service is the most convenient option for travelers because it’s tailored to the specific needs of you and your guests. Booking chauffeur-driven luxury sedans is far easier and faster than lining up multiple other types of transportation. There’s no waiting or navigating an unfamiliar city, and you’ll enjoy a totally streamlined billing process—an extremely important consideration for business travelers.

We here at Overland Chauffeured Services recommend you look for a chauffeured services provider that offers a mobile booking app, especially if you’re reserving several chauffeur-driven luxury sedans to accommodate multiple guests. Even if you’re traveling solo, a mobile booking app makes your entire transportation experience so much easier. The app currently allows you to book reservations for sedans or SUV’s with 24 hours or more notice. Once you’ve booked  the vehicles you need, you can modify your reservation instantly, track your ride, and get detailed billing information. Even better, once you’ve downloaded the mobile booking app, it saves your profile and billing information for next time.  Due to the specialty nature of our other vehicle options (vans, limousines & coaches), please call or e-mail for booking and availability options.

If your company frequently requires associates to travel for business, consider setting up a private limousine account with your chosen chauffeured service provider. This option comes with some great perks. You’ll get to choose from a prime selection of vehicles, and the provider handles the expense reports.

Always look for a chauffeured service provider that offers an updated selection of luxury sedans and advertises full-coverage insurance. Quality, well-advertised insurance is a cue that the company is invested in safety; that they are putting your safety first. Also keep in mind that a company with a diverse fleet of late model vehicles to choose from is committed to providing the greatest flexibility and comfort to its customers.

It goes without saying that you should only do business with chauffeured service providers with a proven track record of excellent customer service. In this case, bigger is usually better. Look for the largest, most well-established service providers in the region. These are the ones that customers have voted for with their business again and again. Doing a little research online goes a long way. Look at customer reviews and testimonials, and also keep an eye out for industry awards. The chauffeured transportation industry places a premium on safety and customer service, so the companies who provide the very best are usually recognized.

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