Corporate holiday parties can be the office’s highlight of the year; everyone comes together to celebrate the holidays and workers from different departments get the opportunity to mingle with one another and build rapport with each other. There’s also delicious catered food to enjoy, drinks and if you’re lucky, a dance floor to bust a move.

While it’s a wonderful time for employee bonding and a chance to celebrate the hard work everyone’s done the past year, corporate holiday parties can result in a lot of alcohol consumption, putting your employees at risk to find a safe ride home after a night of drinking. In fact, did you know that 20% of employees at a corporate holiday party have binge drank? That means at least one in five employees- a staggering number- has too much to drink at a corporate holiday party.

Knowing how common it is for employees to binge drink at holiday parties, how will you ensure your employees get home safely following a corporate holiday party? The answer is by reserving transportation through a reputable and safe transportation company. Booking special event transportation through Overland Chauffeured Services will keep your employees safe at your corporate holiday party.

Why choose Overland for your corporate holiday party transportation needs?

Good question. We know there are many options for transportation in the Greater Kansas City Area, but Overland is a step above the rest. Below are just a few reasons why you should choose Overland Chauffeured Services to keep your employees safe at your corporate holiday party.


Safety is and always has been our top priority here at Overland. The safety of our clients, employees and the general public are always in mind, which is why we invest in the proper training for our employees. Our chauffeurs are expertly trained and provide our clients with exceptional service, but we also believe in recording systems to ensure safe driving practices are being reinforced. Our vehicles have DriveCam & Rosco Video Systems that are mounted behind the rear view mirror which record and monitor activities like harsh acceleration, sharp cornering and sudden braking. Although we fully trust all of our chauffeurs, it’s an added measure of safety to protect our clients. We want you to feel confident that your employees will be safe behind the wheel of our chauffeurs.


We are constantly investing in the latest and best technology to better serve our clients. Below are just a few of the technology features we offer:

  • Seamless online booking
  • GPS monitoring
  • Sophisticated, multi-integrated software system
  • Automated credit card authorization & settlement

In addition to the technology above, we also have an integrated chauffeur communications app that provides constant status updates for transmission of new trips and updates to current trips so we’re always aware of the status of your chauffeured transportation service. To learn more about our technology features, click here.

Premium Fleet

Our premium fleet is among the best in the Greater Kansas City Area; it’s a reflection of the pride we place in our image, reputation and commitment to our clients. Whether you’re reserving luxury limousines, coaches or executive vans for your corporate holiday party, it’s our promise to you that our vehicles are in pristine condition. We’re constantly rotating our fleet and adhering to regular maintenance programs and strict safety checks. We also only own vehicles that are built by established, reputable and certified manufacturers that adhere to all OEM’s safety mandates.


If you’ve been searching for safe and reliable transportation for your corporate holiday party, look no further than Overland’s special event transportation service. Our safety, technology features and premium fleet sets us apart from any other chauffeured transportation service in Kansas City.

To reserve transportation for your next corporate holiday party, request a FREE quote by calling (913) 381-3504 or contact us online. Our special event transportation service will keep your employees safe so they can fully enjoy the party!

Did you know that we also offer corporate transportation accounts? When your company selects Overland as your preferred corporate transportation provider, we become a part of your support team. We’ve established many long term relationships with corporations in the Greater Kansas City Area and have continuously evolved as the needs of our partners have grown and changed. Whether you need transportation for road shows, sales meetings, golf outings, or daily shuttle service, our extensive fleet of sedans, limousines, passenger vans, executive vans, mini coaches, and limousine coaches are sure to keep your employees and clients safe and make a lasting impression.

All of us at Overland wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!