KCI Airport TravelerTravelers have long appreciated Kansas City International Airport’s easy access, abundant parking, and low wait times. In recent months, city and aviation officials have been considering a major airport renovation to lower costs and upgrade security features. This plan would eliminate terminals two and three, consolidating them into a single terminal to the south of the current airport.

Advocates of the new design argue that streamlining the airport would have far-reaching economic benefits to the area, offering increased revenue from international shipping and reducing overhead costs. Maintaining the three separate terminals currently costs KCI about $13 million a year. Additionally, adopting the single-terminal design would fall in line with the Department of Homeland Security’s goals of beefing up security and increasing airport efficiency. Engineers are working hard to create a single terminal design that falls into line with federal demands without inconveniencing passengers.

The plan’s detractors fear that the new design may create inconveniences for passengers, who are likely to experience longer wait times and pay higher ticket prices. There’s also the question of funding the large-scale construction. Some federal funding is available for airport renovations, but it falls short of the estimated $2.5 billion needed for the project. Much of the funding will have to come from other sources, such as bonds and ticket surcharges.

Committees will be presenting plans and proposals for the new airport design beginning this summer, and a decision about the future of KCI will be reached sometime this year. Whether you love the idea of a new, improved KCI or hate it, the bottom line is that the project will have a huge impact on the region. The renovations will result in extensive construction around the airport itself as well as the surrounding roadways. Kansas City airport transportation may become somewhat complicated for a period of time. In fact, one of KCI’s terminals is already closed and sitting vacant in anticipation of the new construction, which means that the remaining two terminals are busier than ever.

If you’re flying in or out of KCI, you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. For easy transportation to and from KCI, be sure to book airport car service. Kansas City traffic can be chaotic during certain times of the day, but the new construction may make it even more difficult to navigate. Your chauffeured limousine is guaranteed to get you to your gate on time no matter what the conditions. You won’t have to worry about weaving in and out of construction areas, finding parking, hauling your luggage around, or catching a series of shuttles to get to the correct gate. If you’re traveling into KCI, your chauffeur will be waiting for you on arrival to take your luggage and escort you to your hotel or home. Chauffeured limousine service makes Kansas City airport transportation easy, even on the most hectic travel days.

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