Are you a wine aficionado? Do you dream of taking a winery tour in a faraway place like Tuscany, Bordeaux, or Napa Valley?

Well, it’s hard to compete with Napa Valley, but you don’t have to go that far to have an amazing winery experience. In fact, if you live in or visiting the Kansas City area, you are closer than you think! There are over 125 wineries around Missouri, with dozens of options within easy driving distance of Kanas City.  And there dozens of wineries in Kansas, with several in around Johnson, Miami and Wyandotte counties.

A winery tour is a perfect way to celebrate a bachelorette party, a birthday, or an anniversary. Even if you don’t have a specific event to celebrate, it will be a fun and memorable day for everyone involved.

The big question is: Who’s going to drive? Rather than worrying about a designated driver, why not leave the driving to a limo rental service that specializes in winery tours?

In this post, we will outline some tips you can use to plan the ultimate winery tour party. We’ll also discuss your transportation options to ensure a safe and enjoyable day for all!

Tips for Planning Your Winery Tour

Before you get to the main event, you have a little bit of homework to do. Here are three important factors to consider to help you plan the ultimate winery tour.

Do Your Research

Kansas City is one of the nation’s hottest wine destinations—and for good reason. You’re sure to have a great time wherever you land, but some forethought will ensure you pick the best wineries for your interests and tastes.

For example, there are many new wineries opening every year. It takes several years for a winery to start producing wine, though, so newer brands may only offer a tour of their facilities (without wine tasting).

Established wineries will have set hours of operations, tasting costs, and even specific tour start times. Research the particulars of each winery you’re interested in visiting so you arrive at the best time.

Depending on the time of year and what holiday may be around the corner, many wineries have special events such as live music, food trucks, Easter egg hunts, hayrides and even holiday light tours!

If you’re already a wine lover, you may want to plan your itinerary around your favorite varietal. If you’re new to the world of wine, choose wineries with many different varietals so you can discover your favorite one.

Consider the Time of Day & Time of Year

Weekends (not surprisingly) are usually the busiest times, and many wineries are closed on Mondays. Summer and early autumn tend to be the busiest months, so be prepared for crowds during the warmer months.

For a quieter, more intimate experience, consider booking your tour during the cooler months. You’ll also avoid crowds if you start earlier in the day rather than waiting until later in the afternoon. Most wineries have weekday hours as well and offer drink specials, wine discounts and live music.

Keep in mind that some wineries may close on major holidays or during the off-season, so always call ahead to ensure your chosen ones are open.

Book Your Transportation

Having a designated driver is the responsible thing to do, but it’s not much fun for that individual. Rather than leaving someone out of the tasting experience, consider booking chauffeured transportation for the event.

Our fleet features private luxury sedans for two, classic limousines and SUVs, as well as vans and coaches for larger groups. Our winery tours typically last 4-6 hours and include up to four different locations.  One to two stops usually still take 3 hours.

Best of all, everyone can enjoy the tour without having to worry about who’s driving home!

Wine Tasting Party: Tips & Tricks

So, your winery tour is booked. What can you do to ensure everyone’s ready on the day of?

Here are some quick tips to make your party a success.

Ask Lots of Questions

Whether you know a lot about wine (or next-to-nothing), a winery tour is a terrific educational opportunity. The staff will be happy to answer your questions about the property, the wine-making process, and the wine itself.

If you’re not sure how to properly smell and taste the wine, just ask! The staff is there to ensure you get the most out of your winery tour experience.

Consider Dining & Entertainment Options

Speaking of experiences, wineries offer more than just wine tasting. Many properties offer small plates, pizza, gourmet picnic options or may have food trucks on site. You may be able to buy a bottle and some snacks and stretch out on the grass beside the vines.  If the winery does have outdoor space, bring your lawn chairs or a blanket.

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a winery offers an art exhibit, an outdoor concert, or another cultural event. Check the winery’s website or call to see what’s coming up on their calendar.

Drink in Moderation

Just because no one has to drive home doesn’t mean you should drink as much as you want. It’s easy to get carried away (and lose track of how much you’re drinking) when you’re flitting from winery to winery.

Have fun, but don’t overdo it. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat actual food throughout the day. You don’t want to feel woozy later on or, even worse, wake up with a hangover the day after.

Remember you don’t have to drink everything that’s poured, either — it’s okay to use the spit bucket too.

Dress for Comfort

Our final tip for planning your winery tour is to dress stylishly but comfortably. It’s best to avoid whites and other light colors, just in case you spill a bit of wine during the tour.

Leave your high heels at home, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking around the vineyards and tasting rooms. And if you have long hair, plan to tie it back so it won’t get in the way of your tasting experience.

Looking for the Best Winery Tour Near Me?

You don’t have to jet off to some exotic locale to have an amazing winery tour experience. In Kansas City, all you need is your closest friends and a limo rental for a party you’ll remember forever!

Learn more about our winery tours and suggested itineraries, including some unique urban wineries in the city. We have vehicles to suit every type of wine tour, from a romantic day for two to groups of 20 or more.

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