We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of a long layover whether it was the only option available when booking a flight or because of unexpected delays and flight changes. While an hour layover is nice to have, having anything over 2-2.5 hours can put a real damper on your travel plans.

Whether you have a future trip planned with a long layover or you find yourself stuck in the airport on your next trip with a lot of time to kill in between flights, take a look at our tips below for how you can make the most of your next long layover.

1. Get some work done

One of the perks of having a long layover is the amount of work you can get done. While it can be distracting to focus on work with the hustle and bustle of travelers at the airport, being productive is one of the best ways to spend your time. If you find the noise of the airport to be a bit much, pop in some headphones and listen to your favorite music or podcast while you respond to work emails and finish up projects. Bonus? Getting work done will also help the time in between flights to go by faster!

2. Do some shopping

What’s one thing airports are full of? Stores to shop until you drop! If you have the time to kill, shopping can be a fun activity and a great way to pass time between flights. Major airports have some fun, interesting stores that are unlike the ones in malls and shopping centers back home, making it exciting to explore and buy some unique things. However, take caution when shopping at an airport. Because airport prices are high, it can be hard to find good deals. To get the best bang for your buck, learn how to shop smart at the airport.

3. Treat yourself to a spa service

Traveling can make you feel dirty: the air in an airplane isn’t the best quality, you come in contact with sick travelers and you just don’t feel clean after a flight. Treating yourself to a spa service is a great way to refresh yourself in between flights and a relaxing way to spend your long layover. Splurge on a massage, facial or nail service to feel more refreshed and relaxed. If you don’t feel like spending your money at an airport spa, then back some spa essentials in your carry-on so you can still pamper yourself during your layover while saving some money. Simply pack a face mask (make sure it passes the TSA liquids rule) or a travel-sized personal massager to pamper yourself while you rest in between flights!

4. Leave the airport and explore

Is your layover more than a few hours? If so, ditch sitting around and waiting for your flight by leaving the airport and exploring, especially if it’s in a city you’ve never visited. There are plenty of things you could do: explore the city’s downtown, try a local restaurant, meet up with local friends or colleagues, etc. Just because you have a long time in between flights doesn’t mean you have to stay put in the airport! However, as a general rule of thumb, only leave the airport if you’ll have enough time to go back through security (yes, you’ll have do this all over again), and if you’ll have enough time to go back through customs and immigration if you leave the airport in a different country.


While long layovers can be a pain, there are some things you can do to take advantage of and maximize the time you have in between flights. By doing any of the above activities during your next layover, you’ll feel more productive and refreshed, something you need when dealing with a long day of travel!

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