Birthdays, whether a sixteenth, twenty-first or fortieth, should always be celebrated! Showering your friends or loved ones on their special day each year is as exciting for them as it is for you. What’s not to love when you combine those you care about with drinks and cake? The answer, of course, is nothing.

There is a plethora of exciting venues, restaurants, bars, wineries, and so much more in our beautiful city we call home, and all are perfect spots for celebrating birthdays. Once you decide where to throw the celebration, next is deciding what to gift them. What’s the perfect birthday gift you could give someone? Chauffeured transportation for their birthday festivities! How can chauffeured transportation make a birthday unforgettable? Keep reading for reasons why you should give the gift of chauffeured transportation for a birthday.


Reason #1: Chauffeured Transportation is a Gift Unlike Any Other

Odds are you’ve gifted one of the following at least once in your lifetime: bottles of wine, gift cards to restaurants and clothing stores or jewelry. While all of these gifts are wonderful and are never unappreciated, they’re often the most received gift from multiple party goers. Giving the gift of chauffeured transportation is unlike any other; it’s a gesture that is focused on an experience and memory, not a material item, something that never fades. You’ll always reminisce about “that time you rode in a limo” for your friend’s birthday, a gift that keeps on giving.


Reason #2: Everyone Gets to Stay Together For the Entire Day

Birthdays are often celebrated over the span on an entire day or evening. Whether you’re starting with brunch and ending with a wine tasting or you’re starting with dinner and ending with bar hopping, there are multiple destinations for birthday festivities. When there are more than a few people getting together to celebrate, they have to be split up among multiple vehicles. When you book chauffeured transportation for a birthday, groups of 2 to up to 56 can stick together the entire day and not be separated. At Overland, our premium vehicles come equipped with either room for a cooler to stock beverages or a bar. Therefore, you can keep the party going all day!


Reason #3: No one Gets Stuck Driving

We’ve all been the designated driver in our group of friends a time or two. Although celebrating the entire day or evening without drinking is still a wonderful time, it’s exciting when everyone in a group can enjoy drinks and not have to worry about who is going to drive or how they’re going to get home safely. Overland will be your designated driver so you can enjoy as many birthday drinks or sample as many wines or brews as you’d like.

Not only is it great to not have to worry about driving after a day or night of drinking, it’s also nice to have a safe, reliable ride to chauffeur you the entire time. Traffic in downtown Kansas City can be a nightmare, especially if there’s a special event taking place. When you book chauffeured transportation through Overland, no one in your group will have to worry about navigating busy streets or circling around searching for parking, giving everyone peace-of-mind.


Whether your friend or family members’ birthday festivities include a concert, dinner, brewery tours, or bar hopping, giving the gift of chauffeured transportation is a gift they’ll always remember. With a professional and reliable, safe chauffeur driving your group around for the day/evening, everyone can relax knowing the entire group will make it home safely following all festivities. Plus, the entire group gets to toast drinks together the entire evening and keep the party going between each stop.


The gift of chauffeured transportation is made even better when you book through Overland Chauffeured Services. We’ve been providing luxury chauffeured transportation for the Greater Kansas City Area for forty years and have serviced countless birthday celebrations. Our premium fleet is a reflection of the pride we place in our image, reputation and commitment to our clients. Below are some of our luxurious vehicles we recommend for birthday celebrations:

If you’d like to give the gift of chauffeured transportation for a birthday, send us a message or call (913) 381-3504.