What’s one of the most enjoyable summer events that you can attend with a date, a group of friends or even with your parents? A concert!

Luckily for us Kansas Citians, we live in a city that is a prime concert tour destination, hosting some of the greatest names in music; just this year alone we have Dierks Bentley, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, and Jimmy Buffett concerts in Kansas City to name a few! Here is a list of upcoming summer concerts in Kansas City:

Boyz II Men– 6/21
Air Supply– 6/23
Kesha & Macklemore– 6/26
Imagine Dragons– 7/14
Shania Twain– 7/24
Def Leppard & Journey– 7/25
Drake– 7/31
Rod Stewart– 8/14
Keith Urban– 8/17
Luke Bryan– 8/26

See a concert above you’re attending or would like to attend? If so, what’s the number one way to travel to concerts in style, feeling like VIP status for the evening? Hiring a transportation service to drive you and your friends to and from the concert! If you’ve never booked a transportation service for a concert in Kansas City, you’re missing out. Not only do you feel like a million bucks being chauffeured to see your favorite performer, but there are several reasons why you can enjoy a summer concert in Kansas City even more with chauffeured transportation versus driving yourself!

Feel like a VIP even if you’re not

One of the perks to hiring a transportation service for a concert is the feeling you get when a luxury vehicle picks you and your entourage up, drives you to the concert in style and drops you off to the concert venue, opening your door while dressed in professional black suit attire. Not only do you look good by making such an entrance with your possy, but you also feel good, almost like you’re VIP status at the concert even if you didn’t purchase VIP tickets. That’s a feeling that can’t be beat, especially when you see your favorite artist perform live – it’s the perfect time to feel VIP!

Avoid Traffic

If you’ve lived in Kansas City a while or have visited for special events then you know how heavy the traffic can be near and around the Sprint Center. Throw in a concert for a top charting artist and you’ve got the recipe for congested downtown Kansas City traffic. Depending on how backed up traffic is and how full parking is by the time you arrive to the venue, you could end up missing part of the concert if you drive yourself, putting a damper on the entire evening. You’ll also most likely end up sitting in heavy traffic after the concert, putting a damper on your great mood from seeing your favorite artist perform. When you book chauffeured transportation you won’t miss a second of the concert and won’t have to deal with heavy traffic, fighting over parking spots or trying to remember where you parked your car, helping you end the evening on a high note.

Arrive to the concert and home safely

Depending on which venue the concert you’re attending is being held, you may be able to drink alcohol during the show. If you drive yourself then you and your possy are limited to how many drinks you can consume during the show, but when you hire a transportation service, you can enjoy drinks on the way to the concert and during the concert without worrying about how you’ll get home safely!


If you plan on attending any concerts this summer, trust Overland to get you to and from the concert safety, help you feel like VIP status and help you to avoid fighting heavy traffic. To book transportation for summer concerts in Kansas City, book online or request a free quote today!


All of us at Overland hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy all of the wonderful summer events that Kansas City has to offer!