Transportation services are everywhere these days. With the evolution of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, there are plenty of transportation options to choose from: chauffeured services, taxis, or either of the aforementioned ride-sharing services. Sure, all transportation services get you from point A to point B, but the experience you receive from an experienced, award-winning chauffeured transportation service compared to Uber/Lyft is unlike any other.  And with Overland you are doing business with a locally owned, 38-year-old company.  What exactly are the differences and why should you choose chauffeured services from Overland?

Experience and Training

For starters, our chauffeur staff is unparalleled when it comes to experience and training. Not only are our chauffeurs properly screened (background, drug screen & physical) prior to employment, they’re the best trained, up-front and ongoing. At Overland Chauffeured Services, our staff takes pride in their polished appearance complete with a traditional black suit uniform, so you’ll receive true first-class service as you embark on your transportation journey. Uber and Lyft provide no professional training for drivers, rather a few basic requirements to be met like age, basic driving background and proof of vehicle registration to name a few. Since anyone can be a driver for both transportation services if they meet the requirements, there isn’t extensive training, something Overland stands behind.  A rideshare driver is treated as an independent contractor, not a true employee like all Overland chauffeurs are.  So inherently, at Overland, there is better screening, training, oversight, and definitely higher standards expected at all times.

Premium Fleet

Next, and quite possibly the most exciting feature of booking our chauffeured transportation services, is our premium fleet. No matter your destination— airport, Kauffman Stadium, business meeting, wedding, etc. — we have a vehicle to get you there safely, comfortably and in style. Mercedes S550, Lincoln Continental (we’re the only Kansas City company offering the new 2017 Lincoln Continentals), Lincoln MKT Town Car, executive SUVs, limousines, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit Van and several mini coach options, are all a part of our luxury fleet of vehicles. What kind of vehicle selection do you get when using Uber and Lyft? Whatever your assigned driver owns. Because Uber and Lyft don’t provide a fleet of vehicles for their drivers, they drive their own vehicles as long as they meet a few requirements. Although you can choose from standard to luxury vehicle makes when using Uber, options are extremely limited.  And there is no oversight on condition, cleanliness, maintenance history, or safety.

Global Transportation

Did you know that Overland Chauffeured Services can make arrangements for a premium class transportation service across every major continent? By booking our global transportation services, you’ll receive easy and convenient ground transportation service with a one-call, one-bill transportation solution in over 350 cities across the globe. Whether you’re traveling for business in New York, Dubai or Paris, we can manage your transportation needs in hundreds of cities in and outside of the U.S. While Uber does provide transportation services in other countries, they can’t manage your worldwide itinerary from start to finish with the expertise and personal touch like Overland.

Extensive Commercial Insurance

Overland’s company-owned fleet is covered by an A+ rated insurance carrier and $5,000,000 liability.  In addition, we carry General Liability and Workmen’s Compensation on our 100% employee staff.  There is never a question on adequate and extensive insurance coverage when doing business with Overland.  That’s the way it should be 100% of the time and you should accept no less.  Ask for proof of insurance from other transportation services and compare what you see.


At Overland, we’re constantly investing in technology to better serve our clients. Through our sophisticated systems, we have access to real-time FAA flight tracking and validation so we arrive on time whether your flight arrives early or is delayed so you’re not left waiting on your ride. Need a ride to a concert or other timely event? With our reliable GPS monitoring and address mapping and validation technology, we’re able to get you to your event in a timely manner so you’re never late. Uber and Lyft drivers have access to their companies’ driving apps to receive turn-by-turn instructions but don’t have the technology Overland does when it comes to GPS monitoring and overall reporting. Overland will get you to your event or business meeting on time and safely, giving you peace-of-mind.  Overland also offers innovative web and app-based booking platforms for advance reservations.


Last, but certainly not least, when booking transportation through Overland Chauffeured Services, you’ll have access to chilled bottled water, mints and reading materials to enhance your experience. Additional amenities like WiFi and other snacks are available upon request. Uber and Lyft do not provide complimentary water and mints as a standard, which can make all the difference before an event or special occasion.

The Overland Experience

There’s nothing like an Overland chauffeured experience; other transportation services can’t compare to our experience and training, premium fleet, global transportation, technology, safety, and amenities. Next time you’re thinking about booking Uber/Lyft, keep in mind the chauffeured experience you’ll miss out on. For your next airport transportation service, business meeting, night on the town, or special occasion, let Overland Chauffeured Services get you to your destination in style, safety and comfort. Call us today to arrange a luxury transportation experience you can’t get from Uber/Lyft!