So you’ve found yourself traveling to Kansas City and weighing the differences between renting a car and hiring ground transportation services. Renting a car comes with the ease of not needing any pre-planning when you want to depart the airport, but you’ll likely have to pay for a parking spot. Both renting and hiring transportation can at times require research. We know that while you are traveling, you have many decisions to make. Let us help you make this decision easier. Whether you are traveling on business or vacation, the benefits of hiring transportation services far outweigh the risks and costs associated with car rentals.


You might find yourself thinking “yeah, but renting a chauffeur is expensive.” In comparison, it is very cost effective. When you rent a car, you must consider the extra fees for added insurance, paying for parking, and gas. Not to mention, having the read the fine line of a contract for any hidden fees. When hiring a chauffeur, you never worry about parking, and you will know all costs up-front. These costs can end up being much less expensive than even a bargain rental.


No one likes driving circles around a city they do not know. This is one of the many pains of traveling, you always must look up the address of where you are going, how much time it takes to get there, and calculate the extra time for getting lost or searching for parking. Getting around in a foreign city is difficult. The easiest way to arrive on time to your event is to trust someone who knows how to navigate the city and not have to worry about getting lost.


Let’s face it. Travel is exhausting. Airports are draining and you are hard pressed to use any leisure time to catch your breath. Rather than worrying about driving while you’re tired from long flights, you can sit back, relax and plan the next business meeting or simply do a little sight seeing along the way.


Every city and state has a different driving culture and a different system of roads and highways. Have you noticed how the drivers are so slow in some places, or do not use their turn signal in others? What about the cities with short on ramps on the other side of the road than you are used to? This is our city. This is not to mention driving in weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. While the people that live there are used to roads, you’re more likely to get into an accident when driving in a foreign city. The easiest way to avoid accidents is by trusting a local expert to drive.

When it comes to travel, there are many things that can go wrong. However, by hiring a ground transportation service like Overland Chauffeured Services, you can reduce the risk of bumps in the road.

Kansas City’s Licensed Transportation Specialists

When you ride with Overland Chauffeured Services, you can rest assured all of our chauffeurs are properly screened and trained employees. All of Overland’s vehicles are properly licensed, insured, and regularly maintained with your safety and comfort in mind. We don’t take short cuts, and neither should you.

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