KC Football on FieldFootball fans rejoice! The 2014-2015 Kansas City Chiefs football season is almost here. The Sept. 7th game vs. the Tennessee Titans and the Sept. 29th game vs. the New England Patriots are both expected to be completely sold out.

KC Chiefs fans are some of the most dedicated in the country, and they know how to have a good time. Kansas City is considered the “Top Tailgating City” in the nation, and Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest football stadiums, so visitors to the stadium are in for an unforgettable experience!

Do you love tailgating? Every Chiefs fan should make it down to Arrowhead Stadium at least once for a pre-game tailgating event—even if you’re not grilling, just attending. People start flocking to the stadium early in the day. Gates open a full 3 1/2 hours before kickoff, giving patrons time to find parking spots and set up their grills. However, if you’re a determined tailgater, you should know that the line into the parking lot is always extremely long. For a 12:00 game, the gates open at 8:30, but you’ll have to arrive a couple hours earlier than that in order to secure a place near the front of the line. It’s common for diehard fans to arrive before sunrise to get a good spot. If you’re arriving at Arrowhead later in the day to meet friends, you’ll have an easier job ahead of you, but you’ll still have to navigate the parking lot.

Arrowhead Stadium accommodates 26,000 cars, but parking is always tight. Unless you are in the early-bird crowd, expect to spend a long time waiting in line. Waiting is frustrating business, but once you’re inside, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Take a turn around the lot, and you’ll see spectacular tailgating vehicles, professional grill sets, and luxurious seating arrangements. Many tailgaters are gourmet cooks who specialize in game day grilling. It’s not unusual to see people creating elaborate feasts including barbecued ribs, lobster, and all manner of bacon-wrapped delicacies. (Eating bacon is almost a prerequisite for KC Chiefs tailgating.) It’s a phenomenal social event, too—expect to meet plenty of people and make lots of new friends.

Tailgating at Arrowhead is amazing, but what if you don’t want to get up before dawn to wait in line? Many tailgaters elect to skip the parking frenzy and book a chauffeur-drive luxury sedan on game day. This way, you can come to the stadium and meet up with your friends without fighting the crowds. After the game, you can hang around as long as you want to or leave right away.

For many football fans, a chauffeur-driven luxury sedan is the perfect solution because it allows them to arrive in time to enjoy all of the festivities with none of the inconvenience. However, if you want to experience all the fun of a pre-game tailgate with your crew, but not the bumper-to-bumper traffic stress, you can still rely on a luxury vehicle rental for game day. A chauffeur-driven Mercedes Luxury Sprinter (up to 10 passengers) or a Ford Executive Transit Van (up to 14) from Overland Chauffeured Services offers the kind of room and luggage space your entire tailgate party requires to pack in all the food and drink needed to make game day a memorable event.

It goes without saying that tailgating can be lots of fun, but some fans prefer to save their energy for the game itself. Book game day transportation to slip right past the crowds and be dropped off right at the stadium entrance. However you choose to tailgate (or not), we wish you a fantastic game day!

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