The choice to hire a chauffeur service for your luxury transportation needs is a big one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially with you and your loved one’s safety in mind. You want your experience to be a pleasurable one and to arrive to your destination safely, arrive comfortably and to receive a five-star service.

Unfortunately, there are some transportation companies that don’t provide these things. Some companies provide mediocre service, ignoring your needs, failing to yield stellar service. To avoid a transportation service disaster, it’s important to know what to look for in a company before hiring them. Keep reading for 5 things you should ask before hiring a luxury transportation service.

1. What level of insurance does the company carry?
Never, by any means, hire a transportation service if they don’t carry insurance; doing so could jeopardize your safety, resulting in a serious injury or death without being covered by the company’s insurance policy.

Luckily, you can rest assured knowing Overland Chauffeured Services is fully insured with a $5,000,000 fleet liability coverage policy provided by an A.M. Best “A rated” carrier. In fact, we’re the only chauffeured service company in the Kansas City area who is a member of an insurance “captive” program, an insurance program that recognizes the most safety-conscious operators with significant financial stability and a low claims history.

2. How are your chauffeurs trained?
You wouldn’t hire someone to fix something in your house unless they were professionally trained, right? The same thing goes for a transportation service; don’t hire one unless their chauffeurs are thoroughly trained.

At Overland, our chauffeurs are diligently screened prior to being hired, including a pre-screening, criminal background check and after being hired are subject to random drug testing. They also undergo ongoing training and DOT compliance as part of our commitment to your safety. Our chauffeurs are also true employees, not independent contractors like some other transportation companies, meaning we invest our time, energy and finances into making sure our chauffeurs are the absolute best in the industry. Click here to learn more about our safety practices.

3. What type of vehicles do you offer in your fleet?
Gone are the days where luxury chauffeured transportation companies only drive stretch limousines; there are a ton of luxury vehicle options these days, making selecting a vehicle for your outing exciting! Each occasion calls for a different luxury vehicle and a luxury transportation company should offer several options in their fleet.

At Overland, we offer a premier fleet of executive and luxury vehicles for any type of personal or business need as well as larger coaches for meetings, conventions and shuttles. Included in our premier fleet is the Mercedes S550, Lincoln Continental, Lincoln MKT Town Car, SUVs, limousines, vans, and coaches. Whether you need a ride to a Royals game with your cheer squad or are celebrating your anniversary, we have the perfect vehicle for you.

4. What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
No one can predict when a vehicle may break down, but there are preventative measures you can take to maintain them. In the unlikely event a vehicle breaks down then the company you hire should have a backup plan to ensure you still arrive to your destination on time.

We only invest in vehicles built by certified and reputable manufacturers that adhere to all OEM’s safety mandates. We also adhere to a very strict and regular maintenance and safety schedule to keep our vehicles in pristine condition, but if a vehicle does break down, we always have a backup plan in place to keep your day or evening plans moving in a timely manner

5. Can you provide references upon request?
Any company should willingly and happily provide references upon request. An excellent reputation and reviews should be bragged upon by a reputable and well established company.

Here at Overland, we’ll gladly provide you with both personal and corporate references. We’ve been serving the greater Kansas City area since 1979 and have developed and maintained countless and lifelong relationships with many corporations and individuals. We promise to deliver outstanding service each and every time you choose Overland.

When you hire a transportation company, you’re trusting them to drive you and your loved ones, friends or employees safely around town. Next time you need airport, wedding, corporate, or any other type of special event car service, trust the professionals at Overland Chauffeured Services. We’re here to safely serve you and to provide caliber service. Request a free quote or call (913) 381-3504 to reserve your ride today.

We look forward to serving you!