The Kansas City Royals may still be in spring training for the moment, but the first regular game of the season is just a few short days away. While the Royals kick off the 2017 season with an away game versus the Minnesota Twins on April 3, the Kansas City home opener against the Oakland A’s is on Monday, April 10 at Kauffman Stadium. If you’re a true-blue Royals fan, that isn’t something you want to miss, but at the same time, the turnout is expected to be truly massive. So what’s a loyal fan to do? Whether you’re headed to the home opener or any of the other Royals games, hiring a limousine service in Kansas City can get you there on time, in style, and without a lot of hassle. Still need convincing?

  • Reason #1: It’s difficult enough to get everyone together to do much of anything, but factor in all the traffic and parking lot confusion that can go along with a trip out to The K, and you can easily spend as much time trying to keep track of everyone in your group as you do watching the game. Not so with the help of a chauffeured limousine service in Kansas City. Overland Chauffeured Services has a large and diverse fleet of larger vehicles like vans, coaches, and sprinters that can get your whole group to the game together.
  • Reason #2: No more fighting traffic. No more prowling the lot looking for a place to park. No more arriving at the game—or back home—frazzled and annoyed. A limousine service in Kansas City can deliver you straight to the front gates, not to mention back to your front door, so you can arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the game.
  • Reason #3: The party doesn’t end at the stadium. When you hire a limousine service in Kansas City, you get a movable feast. You can start off with breakfast or lunch before the game, enjoy every inning, and then take everyone out to dinner or drinks to celebrate afterward, all in the same vehicle, and all without having to worry about traffic, parking, or finding your way around.
  • Reason #4: Whatever your beverage of choice, you can enjoy it during the game or at the bar or restaurant afterward without running the risk of navigating chaotic traffic on the way home. Everyone arrives home safe and sound, with a little help from commercially licensed and insured, professional transportation.

There’s no reason to worry about transportation to the next Royals game—or anywhere else in the metro area—when you book limousine service in Kansas City from Overland Chauffeured Services. Plus, you’ll always be in contact with your driver with the help of our convenient Overland Ride mobile app, which puts your chauffeured car and limousine experience right in the palm of your hand.