If you’ve ever attended a concert then you’ll probably agree that they are undeniably one of the most exciting events you could ever attend. When you’re used to singing along to your favorite musician’s songs at the top of your lungs in your car or the shower and finally get the opportunity to see them perform live it can be one of the best memories of your lifetime.

Luckily we live in a city that hosts many a-list singers and new and upcoming artists in a variety of incredible venues, especially during the summer months, so there’s always an exciting concert to attend in Kansas City. The Sprint Center, Starlight Theatre and Kauffman Stadium to name a few, are amazing concert venues that do not disappoint.

Whether you’re a regular concert goer or have never attended one and plan to in the near future, we want to share 4 concert tips with you so you can take full advantage of the magical experience the next time you’re able to attend one! From ensuring you pay the best price for concert tickets to ensuring you arrive home safely following the event, we hope you’ll find our tips helpful!


Tip #1: Get the Best Price on Concert Tickets

Tickets to live performances can be outrageously expensive, teetering anywhere between $20 to upwards of $200 per ticket depending on the venue and artist. There are so many websites to purchase concert tickets, but not all offer a fair price, especially for the section or seat you’re hoping to sit in. To ensure you get the best price on concert tickets, compare the following top concert ticket websites:

The websites above are reputable and charge fair, comparable prices depending on when you purchase tickets.


Tip #2: Purchase Tickets in Advance or Right Before

Oh the rush you get when waiting for concert tickets to go on sale so you can be sure to snag some for you and your crew – there’s nothing like it! If you’ve ever purchased tickets the second they go on sale then you deserve a pat on the back; buying concert tickets in advance usually guarantees you the best seats available, unlike if you wait to purchase tickets at the very last minute. However, purchasing concert tickets at the last minute can sometimes work to your advantage. If concert venues haven’t completely sold out of tickets for a scheduled gig then they will sometimes discount the tickets to fill the venue. While it is a gamble to wait to buy tickets at the last minute, it could result in saving a lot of money – Jay-Z tickets in NYC sold at the last minute for $6!


Tip #3: Be Cautious of Ticket Resellers

Ever heard about a friend purchasing a concert ticket from a scalper for an unbelievable price? Sure, it may be a legitimate ticket they’ve purchased, but it’s best to be cautious when it comes to ticket resells for a few reasons. For starters, while it isn’t breaking federal law to scalp tickets, it is frowned upon. Because there’s really no way to verify where a scalper purchased their ticket and if it’s a legitimate ticket or not, you run the risk of being refused entry to the concert.

So how can you avoid being sold a counterfeit ticket? First, choose a reputable resale source like StubHub or Ticketmaster, who not only sell concert tickets but allow members to resell their purchased concert tickets. StubHub requires all resales follow certain policies and that members agree to their user terms and agreements to prevent counterfeit tickets being sold. 


Tip #4: Book Chauffeured Transportation

Which sounds better to you: getting stuck in traffic on the way to a concert and fighting for a parking space, paying pricey surcharge fees for a rideshare, or being chauffeured to a concert in a luxurious vehicle with all of your BFFs in tow at an affordable price? Obviously you chose the third option, because what could be better than feeling like a million bucks being chauffeured to see your favorite performer? When you book special event transportation to a concert through Overland you’ll avoid driving in heavy traffic and will arrive to the concert and back home safely and in a timely manner. 

We hope you found the above concert tips helpful whether you’re a regular concert goer or a newbie. Kansas City has so much to offer, especially in the music scene, and we want you to enjoy any future concerts as best you can.

If you plan on attending any concerts this year, trust Overland to get you to and from the concert venue safety, help you feel like VIP status and help you avoid fighting heavy traffic. To book chauffeured transportation to a concert Overland, book online or request a free quote today!