Overland Limousine re-brands for the first time in 13 years

KANSAS CITY, MO – In 2000, company President, Diane Forgy, set out to firmly and professionally brand Overland Limousine.  A new logo was designed that has served the company well for nearly 13 years.  This logo became the image of a company dedicated to the highest standards in the industry.  When Kansas City saw an Overland Limousine chauffeur and vehicle, they knew what that name and logo symbolized, the very best in the city.  The image of our polished chauffeur with a company name tag and an impeccable vehicle with the branded front plate set our company apart and helped drive our amazing growth.

In 2012, Diane thought long and hard about re-branding but knew it was time.  She is excited about the feedback from employees and clients.  “Our is look up-to-date, sleek and sophisticated and should take the company well into the next decade.  We consider ourselves partners with and an extension of our clients.  They demand understated elegance and professionalism.  We deliver the look and back it up with the best service in Kansas City.  I want our clients to experience the same confidence and distinction they experience when checking into a Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons hotel.