Executive Series-L Sedans

What is the difference in sedans you ask?  Overland offers the largest, newest and best maintained fleet of Lincoln L-Series Sedans in Kansas City.  Not all services offer the more spacious L-Series version, nor do they operate as large a quality fleet as Overland Limousine.

Your luxury sedan will always be stocked with bottled water, mints and daily newspapers.  We continue to set the standard for client amenities.

2011 was the last year the Lincoln L-Series Town Car Sedans were produced. We planned accordingly and replaced our entire sedan fleet with the last production year model. Moving forward, Overland will continue to evaluate the best options for luxury sedans and welcomes your input.

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Lincoln MKT Town Car

In 2013, Overland introduced a handful of Lincoln MKT Town Car to its luxury sedan fleet.  Although a crossover body style on the outside, the interior has specially been modified for the chauffeured transportation industry.  The 3rd row seat has been removed, with the existing rear passenger seat moved back slightly allowing more ample, Best in Class legroom.  With the push of a button, you are able to adjust the front passenger seat to gain even more legroom.  The rear seat also offers a slight manual recline to provide extra comfort.

The 39.6 cu. ft. storage area, also Best in Class, provides Best in Class age capacity for luggage and even golf clubs.  In addition the rear compartment is equipped with both a standard USB charging port as well as a 100-volt power socket so you can stay productive longer while on the road.

The MKT Town Car clearly provides what our clients expect – traditional Lincoln luxury and durability; spacious legroom, headroom and luggage space; technology features for connectivity.  Feedback has been incredible, but we will continue to evaluate other luxury sedan options in the future including quite possibly the Lincoln MKS Sedan.  Your input is valued and appreciated.

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